What is Eco Vista?

Eco Vista represents a dream of a community that is regenerative rather than extractive, collaborative rather than competitive, and active in co-creating the conditions we can thrive in together. 

The word Eco comes from the Ancient Greek word Oikos, which means home.  Eco Vista is a commitment to caring for our home together. 

We have several ongoing projects in agroecology, circular economy, art, community building, and more. We work collectively whenever possible, and all are free to organize new projects, activities, and collaborations aligned with the goals of fostering a more just and livable world for all, especially those on the frontlines of crises of inequity and climate destruction.

Our Mission

We aim to encourage the foundation of an eco-village in Isla Vista through regenerative agroecology: public food forests, gardens, and native restoration, cooperative & affordable housing, renewable energy, a circular economy based on solidarity, a vibrant web of visionary cultural creativity, radical self-governance, and community priorities determined by those who reside here.

Community values and principles

We are on stolen Chumash land and support indigenous sovereignty, reparations, and land back. 

We are a space for BIPOC, queer, trans, and disabled folks.  

We are grounded in values of cooperation and mutual aid. 

We act and live out of love, the dignity of all living beings, social and climate justice, and radical hope. 


Eco Vista Founding Dream

Eco Vista is … a promise, a pledge, a dream, a future.

The promise of Eco Vista is that together we might create a place that is life- affirming for all its inhabitants and that might inspire others elsewhere –
particularly young people in their own communities – to use their imaginations to create the innovative future communities we all want to live in, right now!

Our pledge to you is to co-create, imagine, dream, and transform our community into a place that matches the name of Eco Vista. We want to dream and make manifest this vision together with you!

The Eco Vista dream is a communal, shared, joyful adventure – may it transport us to a place worthy of the love we feel for it.

The future of Eco Vista is … well, that’s what we hope and aim to find out!


Community values and principles

We are inclusive.
We are democratic.
We are non-violent.

We work collectively whenever possible, and all are free to organize their own activities and projects.

We are open to all points of view that are aligned with these values and supportive of the Eco Vista Mission.

We act and live out of love for the dignity of all living beings, and base this love on social and climate justice, and on radical hope.