Eco Vista Green New Deal

In November 2019, students in Sociology 134EC: Earth in Crisis, devoted two weeks to studying the various Green New Deals and then convened a Popular Assembly to develop ideas for an Eco Vista Green New Deal. The bulleted points on that document can be found elsewhere on this page.

In February 2021, students in Sociology 130EV: Eco Vista: Creating Systemic Alternatives, returned to this space to revise, update, and write text to accompany the bulleted points.

Planning the Inaugural Eco Vista Green New Deal

*The above is a work in progress based on the efforts of more than 300 UCSB students in two classes that deliberated for a total of 4 weeks.  It is not therefore an Eco Vista Green New Deal set in stone, but the basis for an even wider collaboration which we hope to carry out in the coming year within the community.