Eco Vista Green New Deal

*The following does not necessarily reflect the views or goals of Eco Vista as a whole, and is instead a compilation of student projects. The Eco Vista Green New Deal is collaborative and evolving.

Planning the Inaugural Eco Vista Green New Deal

Popular Assembly for an Eco Vista Green New Deal:  A Report

Draft Document

December 1, 2019


In November 2019, students in Sociology 134EC:  Earth in Crisis, devoted two weeks to studying the various Green New Deals and then convened a Popular Assembly to develop ideas for an Eco Vista Green New Deal.  What follows is the entire collection of proposals that were made.

1) Housing

A: Rents and landlords – TBA

B: Coops – 

A coop is a housing cooperative that provides low-rent housing for students and other people interested living there. Inside their house they welcome all members regardless of their gender, race, social, political or religious affiliation and thereby create their own creative community. For creating more coops in the future Eco Vista, we would like to propose the following points in the Eco Vista’s Green New Deal: 

  • Different themed houses:

Creating co-ops that have a specific theme to it that can appeal to certain groups of people (for example, a religious or vegan co-op). With this everyone is able to find a house that fits their needs. 

  • Engage in the community 
    • Have co-ops on every street of IV to be able to engage with that whole neighborhood 
    • Can help create/maintain neighborhood gardens and other facilities 
    • Organize special events for the community 
  • Expanding by creating demand: 

Higher demand from students can create incentives for investors to provide housing. The coops have a low rent policy, which is really attractive for students since there is a big problem with ‘overpriced’ housing. A higher demand can be created by attracting more attention or benchmarking. And also by making the image more appealing. You could think about street painting/tabling in order to spread more information about it. 
         Besides trying to make the coops more known, we also have to think about the funding of the project. Our first step would be contacting the IV Community Service District, because creating more coops will be in line with the future goals of the IV community.  

C: Houselessness –

  • In our group, we focused on breaking down the issue of houselessness and focused on two points:
  •  WHO is being affected/ targeted (which communities are being impacted the most) and
  • HOW can we improve/change current resources already provided? We need to understand that this issue targets certain groups and these groups have no equal access to resources.
  • There are programs such as Co-op; however, we believe we need funding, improvements, and more effort invested in them
  • We need more community-based programs catered to everyone needed it
  • Yes we need requirements, BUT what if they cannot be met? (no job, no income, etc.) We need to start moving away from putting standards/requirements for these programs
  • We need to have easier access to resources
  • Advertisement!!! How to do spread the word around?
  • We have a lot of abandoned houses that can be put into use;
  • Outreach: have direct communication with those being affected; listen to needs/concerns
  • Understand that different communities have different needs/ impacted differently
  • Avoid using one-size-fits-all strategies; strengthen the programs already in place
    Include commuters as well! Students living in cars

2) Food

A: Gardens and markets

  • Expand the gardens @ the community center & Harder Stadium
    • Expand these gardens into the IV elementary and all around Goleta
    • Each Street in Isla Vista can contribute and volunteer to grow a garden on their property – need to talk to the landlord, & city to get approval of this project. 
    • Each street will grow different vegetables or fruits, plant fruit and vegetable trees, later share and exchange the crops grown with different streets in Isla Vista
    • supplies: would ask the university, local government, farmers markets to fund the project
    • spread awareness generation after generation of students coming into UCSB –> emphasize how this project is important for survival as we experience climate change and healthier.
    • Learn necessary gardening skills and how to grow your own food, and how important this is
    • With the food growing, we can use it to cook meals for the community, teach students, children, people to cook and experiment with vegetables.
    • Further education about plant-based diets
    • With the food that is grown (vegetables and fruits) we can teach people how to eat vegetarian or vegan and emphasize how incorporating a meatless diet helps with not contributing to CO2 and methane emissions caused by the meat industry. 
  • Labor: If residents volunteer their front yard or backyard of their homes, they would be in charge of taking care of the crops. 
  • Labor can come from volunteers.
  • As an incentive, upkeeping the gardens could be a way for students  to earn school credits, gain experience, and could even look good on a job resume.
    • If professors get involved, they could have their class visit the gardens and help maintain them every so often
  • Goal: Low cost food but primarily the goal is, free vegetables & fruits for the community.
    • Fostering a better, closer-knit community
    • Fighting alienation brought about by capitalism and culture

B: Food insecurity

  • Combination of urban gardens & preventing food waste
  • Expanding Food Not Bombs & organizations like AS Food Bank

C: Waste

  • Establish education programs for students/residents on how to reduce consumption and waste of single-use items, and food:    
    • Promote local sources, bulk buying, and utilization of local gardening opportunities
      • Speak in lecture halls, door to door with QR code
  • Create an organization to manage waste disposal in Isla Vista (expand the current Isla Vista Compost Collective to service all of IV)
    • Sort and divert waste in Isla Vista; organic waste, recycling, and landfill (curbside diversion)
      • Provide split-waste bins for residences
      • Provide a bin for cans that bottle fairies collect (will help keep recyclables out of trash bin)
    • Cut Marborg out as the main contractor for waste programs, localize waste diversion instead
    • Have a subcontract with Marborg to collect what is left (landfill) at a much lower rate than door-to-door pickup

D: Restaurants and Cafes

  • Create contracts with co-op and local IV businesses so that ingredients are locally sourced
  • Leftover  food from IV restaurants/cafes goes back to community in a food-drive and food past sell date
  • Local volunteers composting businesses food and using that in soil in the community gardens
  • Introducing vegan meal options to local restaurants where ½ of the proceeds go to the restaurant and the other ½ goes to an eco-vista fund


– Volunteers compost local business food scraps/waste and give that soil back to the permaculture gardens in IV

– Introduce vegan menu items to local restaurants. With these specified items, half of the proceeds go back to the business, and the other half goes toward Eco Vista. 

– Leftover food or food that is past its sell date is donated to a local food drive

– Create contracts with local business and the co-op/farmer’s market/ community gardens that ensure their ingredients/produce are locally sourced

– Restaurants use reusable resources for takeout (banana leaves, rice paper bags, bees wax, Solubags (or other “plastic” bags that are biodegradable and dissolve in water)

– Cheaper, more accessible vegetarian/vegan foods within local businesses

– Using a local currency throughout IV businesses?

3) Culture

A: Celebrations, festivals, and regular local events

Our group collectively decided on three events:

1. An end of the year free sale event. Students would bring old furniture, clothes, appliances and would give them away for free, we would have student volunteers that would assist with the listing and moving of furniture. Can add extra credit in the syllabus, even the smallest point to get students to come out.

  • Send out emails.
  • Collab with student orgs to get funding for the program (for the food, snacks, drinks, t-shirts, etc.) 
  • A day in the park is open to all residents, not just students. Different booths will be set up consisting of food, drinks, games, face painting, and activities. While spending the day with other residents, we will raise awareness of Eco Vista, providing ways they can become involved. 


  • Free and for sale.
    • Get professors involved.
    • Make Eco-vista a lecture where we can earn credit points while getting involved. This can help spread more awareness and it can also be motivating.
  • Plan an event to teach people about how to use the food that we grow at local gardens. We could do a free vegan or vegetarian cooking class that teaches people how to use vegetables that are in season or grown locally. We could also teach the community ways to substitute meat in their favorite meals with those locally grown goods. This way we could help people reduce their carbon footprint by utilizing local foods and reducing the amount of animal products in their diet. 

B: Art, music, and video/film

Open Mic Nights

  1. Community weekly Open Mics Fridays at 7-11pm (Beach Sea Lookout park) 
    1. Present new docu-series episodes
    1. Sustainable food provided at Open Mic
    1. Range of activities: speakers from eco-vista, spoken word, DJ sets accompanied by emcees/rappers etc. 
    1. The event will be live streamed and accessible for all 
    1. Social media outreach 
    1. Open assembly, anyone is welcome to share ideas or talk about how they feel in relation to the climate crisis. 

Community Documentary 

  • Records gardens 
    • Combined efforts for sustainability 
    • Youtube Docu-series (Weekly videos)
  1. What is IV/ Eco Vista?
  2. Food co-op
  3. Community 
  4. Showcase local artists
  5. Music Videos 

Outreach Ideas and Strategies

  1. Flyers created by local artist 
    1. Website
    1. Social media presence 
    1. Go fund me ( will be used to fund our events)
    1. Local food (community gardens)
    1. Face to face interaction (local networking) 
    1. Door to door flyering/ inviting people to the open mic. 

Funding Ideas:

  1. Reach out to the Isla Vista community services district for funding of open mic events. 
  2. Create a circular economy, so the money put into these events can set up small business booths and these small booths can then make money and put some of that money back into the events or toward other areas of the Eco Vista movement that may need more funding

C/D: Zines and newsletters and social media

  • Flyers
    • Not handed out individually
    • Digital flyers should be uniform and repostable
    • Recycled paper
    • Include all social media handles and upcoming events
  • Social media presence
    • A balanced mix of PSA’s and calls to action

QR codes and prizes for follows/posts during tabling

  • Snapchat – filters, geofilters and spotlights on Isla Vista sights and resources
    • Utilize public stories and snapchat takeovers
    • We can try to be featured on other popular IV accounts
      • @ only in Isla Vista
      • Official UCSB instagram
    • Consistent posting- once a day/every other day
    • Facebook- Check-in at Eco Vista events
    • Partner with other campus organizations
    • Set-up in the Arbor-outreach (incentives to follow Eco Vista & become involved)


  • A collaborative work of art and special topics
    • Members contribute pages to be compiled


  • Weekly or monthly newsletter emailed to those who sign up for email list
    • Lists current events going on in the environment, local events and meetings, etc.

4) Economy

A: Start-ups and job creation

Proposal: Solar panels company/startup 

Step 1: Fix up infrastructure of existing houses and commercial buildings in IV

Government grants and UCSB funding 

Creates jobs if you promote those in IV to help other Houses increase in value

Work study: School could promote working/installing solar panels for credits/tuition reduction/hourly wage 

This would create new jobs as well as teach skills 

Step 2: Install solar panels inside UCSB campus

Require UCSB to install solar panels on all school owned buildings and transition to 100% renewable energy over 10 years 

Work study: School could promote working/installing solar panels for credits/tuition reduction/hourly wage 

This would create new jobs as well as teach skills 

Step 3: Maintenance and Economy

Required maintenance would mean that these jobs created would be sustainable. The saved money from using fossil fuels for energy would then be put back into the economy in IV. 

Encourage existing energy companies to work directly with UCSB to hold instructional classes and hire students. 

B: Services start-ups (yoga, ridesharing, etc.) – 

  • Creating a point system—an app used to keep track of environmentally friendly things you do. This will create incentive for more to think eco-consciously and connect with other start-ups. Local markets and businesses are able to give out points through the app or the app itself can reward the user through evidence (photo, Lyft receipt, donation receipts, etc.) 
    • How to Earn Points 
      • extra vegetables/food from personal gardens donated to local markets 
      • ride-sharing—through apps like Uber or Lyft, or carpooling 
      • using limes as a form of transportation 
      • beach/city clean-up 
      • donating clothes to local resellers 
      • using reusable cups/utensils at coffee shops and restaurants 
      • Bunz App is an app that already uses this idea. We can use it as an example for business model
    • What to Redeem 
      • free yoga class/surf lesson/Kombucha lesson
      • free ride coupons (Lime, Bird, Uber, Lyft) 
      • purchasing donated clothes 
      • reusable cups and utensils 

These are also ideas to expand on in terms of community and also playing a part in Eco Vista. Organizing activities such as these to help spread awareness of Eco Vista and what it represents, and also be used in the point app. 

  • Yoga in the park 
  • Kombucha making 
  • Surfing lessons 
  • Music jam groups 
  • Placing more trash cans and recycle cans around Isla Vista—organize to start up a compost truck 
  • More on ride-share: create a carpool/rideshare app and allow people to rideshare everywhere they go. They will be allowed to post on the app where they are going and pick up others who need rides. Can get points for ridesharing. Will be an app (like Uber) but for students. 

C: Greening of existing businesses

Establish a standard for grading of local businesses “greenness”

  • This would be similar to the way health department ratings are displayed at food service businesses.
    • With more information about how green a business is consumers could vote with their purchases. 
    • Businesses could improve their rating by installing lower energy consuming products, serving more non-meat products, declining to provide single use items, more efficient use of ingredients to promote less waste, composting the waste that is generated, electrifying any devices that still use fossil fuels. 
  • Incentivize businesses
    • Policies
    • Sustainable rating
    • SF Business example
      • Fines if do not comply with standards
    • Reward composting etc.
    • Certification from Eco Vista
  • Issues with Restaurants
    • Single use plastic silverware, bowls, cups, etc.
    • Solutions
      • Kit
      • Gather information form businesses on what is possible
      • Reusable to go containers brought by customer
  • Solar Panels/Energy
    • Energy 
    • Tax for implementation
    • $2 million spent each year for the fences for Halloween
    • Solar islands – Eco Watch Article
    • Solar charging stations
    • Expand access for electric cars, electric scooters, etc.
  • Farmer’s Market
    • Camino Real
      • Bike / Bus groups
    • Support the farmers market from IV residents
      • Bring it to IV: Little Acorn Park or other parks in IV
  • Problematic Businesses
    • Example of green transition
    • Car shop
      • Convert?
      • Waste management treatment
  • Common Garden
    • Consider? 
    • Different Group
  • New Business
    • Zero Waste Product Store
      • Selling reusable products Locally
      • Goldie’s Location
  • Wind Power/ Energy Efficiency
    • Allowing businesses to transition

D:  local currency 

Proposal: Vista Pay

  • Our group is in charge of proposing a local way to manage currency that is easy to use and will help the local economy of Isla Vista. The idea is to create an app for your phone for the residents of Isla Vista to use and partner with local businesses to help keep the flow of currency in our community.
  • Our idea is to combine a few different resources into one universal form of local currency. Much like Venmo, the app will allow you to exchange money with other users. This app will also have the features of Apple pay where you will be able to use it to purchase items at shops and restaurants in Isla Vista alone by scanning your phone at checkout. Vista Pay will also record and catalog all of your purchases and receipts so there would be no need for printed receipts.
  • The appeal to using Vista Pay in Isla Vista instead of other alternatives is because Vista Pay will partner with local businesses to offer exclusive deals and discounts. This will incentivize customers to consistently shop locally within Isla Vista instead of leaving to spend their money elsewhere such as Goleta or Santa Barbara. This also benefits local businesses due to creating more recurring and new customers. All in all, boosting the local economy of Isla Vista.
  • Aside from just an economic standpoint, Vista Pay aims to help the environment. With Vista Pay, there is no need for plastic credit cards, cash, coins, or printed receipts (which ultimately get littered or thrown away). 

5) Resilience –

A: Disaster preparedness 

Proposal: disaster relief program 

  • Isla Vista as we know is prone to recurring natural disasters. We have seen how unprepared and uncoordinated community and university responses have been. This has caused chaos that could have been prevented, so with that our team proposed a Disaster Relief Program, which aids the Isla Vista community in its preparedness and resilience development. Our ideas have been based off of the disasters that have already occurred .
  • These ideas include: 
    • Hold meetings and assign each member of the crew different areas to monitor in Isla Vista 
  • Phase responder alerts 
    • Phase A: advisory alert 
    • Phase B: emergency situation 
    • Phase C: evacuation is in full effect 
  • Evacuation plan 
    • Designated evacuation routes such as designating evacuations by blocks (for example, 65 block goes first, 66 second, etc. ) 
    • Avoid DP and surrounding areas 
    • Fire Plan
      • Creating a designated safe open area in case of fire outbreak on or around campus that students can evacuate to
      • Possibly getting rid of the Eucalyptus bordering IV
      • Creating a fire committee in the community
        • Hold community outreach events on fire safety and preparedness
        • Education on areas that are prone to fire, so that students enter the “outside world” with knowledge on where fires are common or where they will be
  • Educate residents on individual home preparedness
    • Have volunteers hold meetings or go door to door and educate IV residents on natural disasters prone to IV and how to prepare for them
    • Hold these in multiple languages??
  • Transportation 
    • Provide airbuses to shuttle every block during evacuation routes to the safest city nearby 
  • Natural Disasters aren’t the only threat to the safety and well-being of students and faculty. The chances of UCSB or IV experiencing a man-made disaster are not 0, therefore we need to be as prepared as we absolutely can
    • Professors and TA’s should be trained on how to treat a wound or how to help someone who has experienced physical trauma, this may save someone’s life
    • Putting a first aid kit in every classroom, equipped to handle more severe injuries
    • Making it aware to all students and individuals where these kits are located
    • Offering seminars for students on safety and how to help someone else in case of injury
      • This does not have to solely pertain to man-made disasters, students should be prepared with knowledge of how to take care of someone until help can arrive

B: Climate adaptation and resilience planning 

  • Threats to eco-vista and strategies to reduce them
    • Wildfires: change the vegetation, non-invasive grasses only ones that aren’t very flammable, rework electrical grids → 95% of wildfires in California are human caused, independent power increase rooftop solar PV, 
    • Adjust the way we build structures near the coast; stop letting people live on oceanside DP rather than continuing to fix damages; think long term rather than short term
    • Can improve road infrastructure, porous asphalt/renewable pavement that absorbs water and keeps it from going into the sewers and draining into the ocean 
    • Green roofs, absorb water/ help with flooding, also helps with urban island heat effect which is why urban areas like iv are very hot, balances out heat that rises from asphalt. It also purifies the air because it adds plants to the environment 
    • Bioswales (help with flooding), channels of vegetation to concentrate and remove stormwater runoff, removes debris and pollution from streets, promotes diversity 
    • Evacuation planning, similar to earthquake drills at school but on a bigger scale 
      • Wildfire planning, have equipment ready to put out wildfires → shoveling dirt on fire
      • Adjust the way we build homes, use less flammable materials 

6) Energy and transportation

A: Transportation 

Transportation Proposal: 

  1. Rideshare app: An app that allows people to post where they are going so that others can tag along on the ride to go to places outside of Isla Vista. This will reduce the number of cars on the road and make travelling around Goleta and Santa Barbara more efficient. 
  2. Introducing biofuel into the public transport system- which refers to cellulose, vegetable oil, algae, corn, sugar cane, and other forms of waste as an alternative fuel source.
  3. Create a better infrastructure for the Biking system, with incentives for riding bikes over driving cars.
  4. Increase jobs for students living in IV eliminating the need for cars to be the primary transportation to work.
  5. UC Shuttles for transportation of students – stops around IV

B:  Renewable energy 

Renewable Energy Proposal: 

Step one: 

Have the Isla Vista community change their preference on California Edison bill to renewable energy while Isla Vista builds renewable energy technologies. Instead of having your hard-earned dollars going towards oil companies every month to generate your electricity, your dollars will go to a green, American, renewable company. It’s as easy as signing up for the green rate option on SCE’s website. In IV the average house is occupied by 7 people so at around $7 per month extra (depending on your usage) the price increase is $1/month per person. 

This plan doesn’t involve asking the university for one red penny, this is simply using the power of consumer choice to change the way power is made. I believe this is the most reasonable and affordable option to make IV, or anywhere in Santa Barbara, powered by renewables. If anyone is wondering about the reliability of switching to the green rate option, it’s exactly the same. SCE is simply buying green energy on our behalf to supply us with renewable electricity. I’ve had the green option for months and the cost difference has never exceeded what I deem unreasonable.

  1. Solar panels on the houses and university buildings. 
  2. Wind turbines on the cliffs and in ocean where there are higher wind speeds
  3. Tidal power, can place under wind turbines in ocean
    1. Make sure to put tidal power in areas that won’t impact wildlife  
  4. Cut ties with oil companies   

Make UCSB fund the conversion into clean energy in exchange for the promise of cheaper electricity. (regenerative investment)

Offer applied renewable energy courses through UCSB to maintain solar panels. These courses could count as upper division elective units for environmental studies majors.  

7) Health and safety  

A:  Mental health services 

  • Peer Support Group Website
    • Add modules that would be mandatory for each year to take regarding mental health (kind of like Gaucho FYI) in order to raise awareness and help students erase the stigma surrounding mental health
      • This will especially be useful because even if one person isn’t going through it, they will recognize the signs and help someone else
      • These modules will also be designed specifically for your circumstances to help you with some anxieties you may be going through (1st year – 4th year; transfer students; nontraditional students; etc.)
    • Anonymous Hotline for Students
      • Here students can also reach out to other students and meet up to talk about what they are going through and help each other out whenever they are available since it is hard to get an appointment at places such as CAPS (whether it be to just rant about your day or talk about your anxieties)
      • Hotline will use volunteers or anyone who wants to help to communicate with students
      • Website will include links/phone numbers to other outside resources
  • Rideshare for Appointments 
    • Free of charge; volunteers would give rides to students who need to get to AA meetings, Rehab appointments, Therapy sessions, etc.
  • Waived Healthcare Fees
    • This would make it more accessible for those who don’t have the UCship or Student Health to get the help and support they need without worrying about the cost or not having a specific form of healthcare
  • Working with elementary school – possible new curriculum/class
    • Many kids do not know how to express their emotions or understand why they are feeling the way that they are feeling; therefore they may become angry, depressed, or begin to have anxiety. Starting these teachings at a college level can be overwhelming, so starting the destigmatization at a young age can help youth process their mental state and eventually help to create a more empathetic community. 
      • Inside Out study – many therapists have started to use figures from the Pixar movie Inside Out to help nonverbal kids express their feelings, and this has helped them identify their feelings when they have been unable to do so in the past. If we begin to do this at a young age, by the time these kids reach college, they will be able to identify and cope with their feelings instead of feeling lost and alone.
    • We make kids take gym in middle school and high school and emphasize physical health, but we ignore mental health, why not make it mandatory to take a mental health class, or offer a class for youth to take as an elective (not ideal) so they can understand their minds as they grow up and begin to discover new feelings/anxieties. 
    • This course/class will also offer ways for you to cope with these feelings and how to help a friend, family member, coworker, etc. if they are going through something as well 
    • How can you help better your community when you are struggling yourself? If you take care of you, you can better your community in a clear, healthy state of mind

B:  Physical health services 

  • Funding/Sponsors: UCSB, IV Government, Alumni, Grants, and Local Sponsors 
  • Free Clinics for Check-ups, Immunizations, and Testing
    • Volunteers helping with events and filling positions
    • Collaborate with local hospitals/clinics – Doctors, Nurses
    • Create easy, accessible sign-ups at schools/around town 
    • Preventative Health Issue Awareness
  • Weekly info meetings about health topics
  • Quarterly Health Convention
  • Health Classes and Events: 
    • Yoga, Swimming, Running, Nutrition
    • Collab with Athletics and Rec Cen
    • Collab with Adventure Programs
  • Fundraising Events
    • 5K Through IV
  • Campaign: Lower Student Health

C:  Safety and violence in IV 


CSO program already in place – escorting people home late at night or when people feel unsafe to walk on their own; help decrease chances of sexual assault instances, domestic violence instances, etc.

IVPD – focusing more on safety of and helping residents rather than trying to punish residents 

**can we reduce the police presence during Halloween or topias and are all the fences necessary? Seems like a lot of money that could go into something more stimulating

Trying to create a more central program to help students (IVPD, UCPD, IVFP, CSOs, etc.)

Getting rid of IV Foot Patrol and reallocating funds to CSOs, Life of the Party, emergency phones, lighting, or other programs or plans for promoting safety

Lighting – adding more lighting to more areas of IV; solar powered

Reform riot-risk during Halloween, Deltopia, etc.

Emergency phones throughout IV that are publicized and visible

Mandatory yearly Green Dot training through CARE office for ALL students – deals with bystander intervention, sexual assault, domestic violence, etc.

Stricter penalties for perpetrators

Board of students for sexual assault cases that go to the school (similar to Judicial Affairs hearings)

8) Funding

  • A council that has funds delegated to fund environmental proposals:
    • Goal: funds should be available for those trying to better the earth, it is helping us all
    • It allows the environmental creativity of the people to flourish and come to life  
    • Allows all organizations that have similar project ideas and goals to work together 
    • “Eco-fund”: can apply for grants 
      • Separated into different categories  to ensure that all categories are funded equally and allow more people to collaborate. [build community]
      • Support events hosted by eco-vista 
        • Food 
        • Advertising
        • Art supplies 
    • Who’s in this council?
      • Indigenous community [reintegrate into the conversation and action, a lot of knowledge we can learn from]
      • Students (UCSB/SBCC)
        • Environmental group representatives
          • Eco Vista 
          • EAB
          • Edible Campus program 
          • Etc. 
      • Long-term residents
      • IVCSD
      • Parks and rec 
    • This will allow for many voices to be able to have a say in what is funded and provide a platform for ideas 
  • In order to get funding, we need to spread awareness why these are important topics and why should be funded
    • Podcast; women environmental activist
      • Talk about out intersections 
      • Educate our communities
      • Bring more awareness about people our age 
      •  Share out experiences, inspire others 
      • Guest speakers: professors, students
      • Anyone want to join us? 
        • Next quarter? You could get eco-vista credits [Soc 190A]
        • IV community center garden 
        • First episode soon, john will be sent a link 

9) Organizing and outreach [combine forces into one group, please]

A:  Non-student community outreach 

B:  Building Eco Vista among UCSB students

Student outreach: Get people knowledgeable and excited! Also understand the desires of UCSB students and match that

  • More classes across majors discuss what Eco Vista is and how to get involved.
  • With Gaucho FYI, include more about info about living in IV in general, it’s history, how to take care of it, and discuss organizations like Eco Vista.
  • Implement more community-based events for points within clubs and Greek life. Support community more than other club teams (ex: encourage members to volunteer 2 hours with Eco Vista rather than sit and watch a baseball game).
  • Show films at IV theater about climate change and offer extra credit to classes who attend for incentive.
  • Putting posters around campus and sending student wide emails.

Nonstudent/other: Support our community and meet everyone’s needs!

  • Offer more meetings of Eco Vista so people who work during the day can attend (maybe after 5pm, on the weekends, or online forum).
  • Fun events in IV that have food, prizes, etc., while educating  people in our community
  • Social Media to create an online platform on Facebook so people know where to go if they have questions or want to get involved with the community. 
  • Gardening and sustainability workshops.

C. Relations with other IV organizations 

Work with already existing non-profits, service groups, and organizations in Isla Vista like the Isla Vista Recreation and Parks District and Isla Vista Food Cooperative to include the whole community of I.V including families and students

  • Collaborate on projects and events such as Adopt- A-Block / clean-up projects with the I.V. Recreation and Parks District and sell the food grown at local gardens at I.V. Food Co-Op
  • Educate community on Eco Vista and the climate crisis in general at organizations who already aim at educating the young and others

D. Relations with UCSB 

E. Indigenous Relations 

  • Get in contact with the Coastal Band of the Chumash 
  • Hire a paid campus and IV liaison from the Coastal Band to oversee plans for Eco Vista
  • Set up an Indigenous relations working group comprised of Native students/community members from UCSB and Santa Barbara to make sure that Indigenous land and protocols are respected 
  • Ask Costal Band what reparations can be made within the scope of Eco Vista and how they would like to get involved 

10) Holistic planning

A: Visioning Eco Vista 

B:  A development plan for Eco Vista – 

11) Cool Eco Vista –

Recruitment and outreach for the Cool Block program – 

12) Policy and Legal Reform – 

Policy and Legal Reform Task Force 

A coalition to tackle restrictive policies laws to help that each group needs help creating/reforming/abolishing in efforts to establish Eco        Vista. 

This group can alleviate pressure other groups have when they run into the politics and laws that keep shit from flowing smoothly.

Example: Making it easier for outside local entities to better support the community


If you an idea that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere, you may list it here: