Cool Eco Vista

Take The Cool Block Journey

Help Isla Vista become Carbon Neutral by 2025 and a role model to the world!

70% of the CO2 emitted on the planet comes from cities and 70% of that comes from our lifestyle choices. 

The choices we make in our daily lives can be the highest leverage point in creating a low carbon future for our planet if we can scale these behaviors. The proven Cool Block program and its larger initiative, the Cool City Challenge, will show you how! Further, it is the pathway to creating a carbon neutral Isla Vista!

Combining UCSB’s commitment to carbon neutrality by 2025 with the Cool Block initiative to create carbon neutral cities can enable Isla Vista to become carbon neutral by 2025 and a role model for the world. We call this Cool Eco Vista!

Learn more about Cool Block and our vision for the future at and

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